Select Solar has a growing clientele of Off-Grid customers who are remotely located from the utility power grid.

This type of power system is independent of the utility grid. It can use solar modules, a wind generator, a micro-hydroelectric generator, or a combination of any or all of them to produce your electric power. Owners of this type of system often use a gas or diesel generator for backup when the power system does not meet all of the needs. 

Our designer and service team will: 

  • Evaluate your energy use
  • Make recommendations for conservation to reduce the system size needed
  • Custom design a PV array that meets your daily average use.
  • Custom design a Battery bank that meets your criteria. Typically designed for 3, 5, or 7-day reserve for times with little solar gain or extra energy load.
  • Provide and install a turn-key power system with or without generator back-up power.  

Remote industrial Solar Products 

We sell products and integrated solutions for a wide range of industrial applications. From large multi-kilowatt power plants to small trickle chargers, our custom-engineered solar systems are backed by an experienced technical staff you can count on. 

Oil & Gas 

PV power is the perfect solution for the remote energy needs of the oil & gas industry. These systems are deployed worldwide, delivering reliable electric power for telemetry and SCADA, offshore platforms, monitoring and cathodic protection. 


Microwave repeaters, wireless internet systems, mobile telecom are examples of effective uses for distributed solar power systems. 

Traffic Control 

Solar powered traffic signals can be located anywhere it is not practical or cost-effective to install a utility connection. It can be equally useful in an urban setting or on remote stretches of highway. It is the best solution for mobile warning signals and speed monitoring. 

Outdoor Lighting 

PV lighting systems are often used in parking lots and bus shelters, and to illuminate highway signs. 

Vaccine Refrigeration 

Vaccine refrigeration systems approved by the World Health Organization (WHO) play a key role in the storage and distribution of vital vaccines and blood in remote areas of developing countries throughout the world. 

Select Solar provides excellent services for RPPS applications, we will custom design a power system for your projects.