Grid-Tied Commercial

Cost-effective grid-connected solar systems on commercial buildings can offset high peak electric cost and make an excellent investment for many businesses.

  • Generous Federal (30%) tax incentive or Grant, no maximum
  • NM State (10%) tax incentives, maximum of $9,000.00
  • State sales tax exemption
  • REC payments from Utility providers with 20-year payment contract. They pay you for your clean power!
  • MACRS accelerated 1-year and 5-year depreciation make this an excellent time to purchase a solar electric system for your business property
  • Excellent Return of Investment ratios.
  • Solar electric systems for businesses can reduce your business carbon footprint and make a great statement for your clientele to notice.
  • For example, a 20KW solar PV system over 20 years will save a business around $200,000.00! And the system will keep producing power and savings long after that! 

Also called grid-interactive, grid-intertie, utility-interconnected and other such descriptive terms, grid-tie solar systems are built onto your building and property and connect directly into the electric utility feed. 


Net metering is mandated by Federal law, the Utility company must provide provisions for interconnecting renewable energy sources. The power from your solar electric (PV) system will power your electrical needs at your property when needed. 

When there is no need for the power at your property, the solar electricity from your system will flow back into the utility power grid and be used by others. All energy produced by your solar electric system is metered by a separate REC meter that is installed with your system.

If applicable in your utility provider area, you may receive REC credits or payments for all of the clean solar energy you produce, even when used at your property.


This type of system provides no backup power when utility power fails as there is a UL requirement for grid-tied inverters to disconnect from the power grid when there is a power outage. This is to protect electrical workers who will be working on the power system to repair it when there is an outage.

Select Solar provides excellent services for all of the design options and system installation requirements at your property.

  • Flat roof ballasted systems
  • Solar parking structures, fixed or tracking
  • Facade mounting
  • Pole mounted
  • Ground mounted