We are a trusted local northern New Mexico source of professional solar electric design and installation team.

We have 8 years of experience professionally installing solar PV systems and 12 years under our belts as a licensed EE98 New Mexico Electrical Contractor.

Locally owned and operated. 

The SELECT SOLAR office is in Los Alamos, New Mexico. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff has decades of electrical contracting and solar PV experience.

Our expertise extends well beyond solar system construction, which directly adds value for our customers as a solid partner who can develop and deliver renewable energy systems for their properties. Our past electrical construction experience includes commercial building development, real estate development, scientific projects at national laboratories, health care facilities, infrastructure, high-voltage distribution and solar PV electric systems. 

There are many good reasons for choosing to purchase a solar electric (PV) system in Jemez, NM.

  • Lock in your cost of electricity.
  • Generate green power.
  • Feed power back to the utility.
  • Gain power independence.
  • Obtain 30% federal and 10% state tax incentives.
  • Ensure uninterrupted power.
  • No moving parts to break or maintain.